Lease Return Options Near Paramus, NJ

Lease Return Options

At the end of your lease, you might have more options than you realize

Leasing a new BMW at Park Avenue BMW is a very good choice, and if your lease is about to end, you have even more good choices available. In one unusual new scenario, you might be able to sell your lease to us and, with the equity that's been built up, come away with a substantial profit. Let's consider some of the very intriguing possibilities for our lessees in Paramus and Fair Lawn, NJ.

Option #1: Lease another new BMW

This is the option BMW lessees choose most often, partly because it's the simplest and because it allows you to continue receiving the benefits of leasing. At the end of your lease, just bring back your BMW to us, pay for any excess damage or wear-and-tear, sign a new lease and drive back home to Glen Rock NJ in another new BMW. You get our latest features, a great new look and still make lower monthly payments than with a car loan.

Option #2: Buy a new BMW

No law says you have to keep leasing, and there are obviously advantages in buying and owning a BMW. Not only do you get whatever new styling and features you want in a brand-new Ultimate Driving Machine, but you start building equity in your car that you can someday use toward the purchase of a new BMW.

Option #3: Buy your leased BMW

At this point, the chances are good that you have developed a fondness for the BMW you've been leasing. Perhaps you've even thought about buying it from us and if you decide to do that, we couldn't agree with you more. After all, you know that car has been well-maintained because you've been doing it yourself. So instead of continuing to lease, you can begin building a cash position in a BMW you have a lot of confidence in.

Option #4: Sell your lease to us and make a profit (Yes, it's possible)

A very unusual situation has developed that can allow you to actually sell your lease to us and walk away with cash, maybe even substantial cash. The reason is because of the unprecedented demand for used cars and the dramatic increase in used car values. Allow us to explain.

As you know, the basic concept of a lease is that you're paying for the normal depreciation of the car over the term of your lease - typically 36 months - and you're doing it with equal monthly payments. That's why, at the start of your lease, we set a market-based estimated value for your BMW at the end of your lease. What's been unexpected is that lease-end values have skyrocketed, so you may have paid us more than the value we projected.

Does that mean I may have some cash value in my leased BMW? Yes

Yes, by making all your lease payments for what may be your full lease term, it's very possible you're in a positive cash position. That would mean we can buy your leased BMW and your lease, leaving you with what could be several thousand dollars in profit. We'll be happy to look at your leasing situation and tell you more.

If you're near lease-end, ask us to explain your options

As you can see, there are many beneficial ways to approach your financial choices at the end of your lease and still remain part of the BMW family. Call or visit us soon to discuss your options. At Park Avenue BMW in Rochelle Park, NJ, we want to not only provide you with the BMW of your dreams but also help you enjoy the Ultimate Leasing (or Purchase) Experience.

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