BMW Dashboard 

Once you've taken your BMW on a number of excursions in and around North Jersey, you'll notice that the car will have some telltale signs for when it needs some TLC. You'll want to keep your ride smooth and comfortable by bringing it in for regular maintenance and repairs. This is especially true when your dashboard signals show you need to address issues in your vehicle. These dashboard lights also show up when your BMW wants to communicate a simple piece of information about your vehicle, such as lights or brakes that are currently in use. Luckily, BMW has manufactured vehicles that are smart enough to know when they need a check up.

BMW Maintenance Signals

While not every BMW dash light is urgent, there are many that appear when you should think about bringing in your vehicle for maintenance. Red signals tend to indicate that the issue is urgent and requires immediate attention from a BMW service technician in North Jersey. This could include red brake warning indicators, engine coolant temperature indicators, engine oil level indicators, and charging system warning lights. With brake warning indicators, check your brake fluid levels and your hill assist system. If your engine coolant or your engine oil shows problems, have them both checked, cleaned, and replaced. Charging warning lights are also serious, and you should have the car battery checked and replaced as soon as possible.

Brake Warning Indicators

Engine Coolant Temperature Indicators

Engine Oil Level
Oil Pressure Warning Lights

Engine Oil Sensor and Level Indicators

Charging System Warning Lights

Less pressing BMW dash signals are those that are in green, blue, or amber in color. These include turn signals, parking brake, headlamp lights, active cruise control, a temperature warning light, and dynamic stability control. If you're still unsure of what a dash light means and why it is appearing on your dashboard, be sure to stop by our service center. Our expert technicians would be happy to take a look under the hood to examine the issue, and they will work with your budget to have you back on the road quickly.


Turn Signal

Headlamp Indicator

Headlamp Out or Malfunction

High Beams On

Automatic Headlamp Dimmer Indicator

High Beam Assistant

Daytime Running Lights

Tail Light Indicator

Fog Lamp Indicator

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