As your vehicle's biggest defense system, you want to ensure your brakes are working properly at all times. Things can happen so suddenly on the road, it's crucial for the brakes to be healthy to come to a sudden stop. Our BMW service center has recommendations for Hoboken area drivers to keep an eye out for to indicate a brake service or new brakes are required.

Signs Your BMW Needs New Brakes

It's critical to notice the symptoms of unhealthy brakes, as they can jeopardize your safety and those around you.

  • Vibration: If you press on your brakes and feel vibrations coming from the brake pad, this is a sign the rotors are becoming warped. When the rotors become warped, the brakes pads are unable to grab enough of the road surface to stop properly.
  • Brake wear indicator: Next time you press on the brakes, make sure you are listening carefully for a high-pitched screeching sound. That audible warning is the brake wear indicator. This is purposefully making noise to notify you that your vehicle needs its brakes serviced or replaced.
  • More time to come to a complete stop: Have you noticed lately that you need to press the brakes harder and faster as you approach a red light? Your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be! You should bring your car into our service center as soon as possible to be fixed.

Why Visit Our BMW Service Center Near Hoboken

Don't trust any mechanic to handle your precious BMW. These are highly-advanced models that require certified BMW technicians to take a look at them. Visit Park Ave BMW or your repairs is beneficial because we include an indoor drop-off and pick up area and a high-tech, comfortable waiting area with Wi-Fi and computers. We have 42 BMW certified mechanics ready to look at your vehicle, as well as 135 complimentary loaner vehicles.

To make it easier for our customers, you have the option to call, email, or schedule your appointment online! To contact us over the phone, please call (201) 587-9001.

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