Tire Service Near Hackensack

The situation is familiar. You're driving along, when all of a sudden, your tire runs flat or gets punctured. You've noticed it's damaged and it needs to be changed. 

Luckily, you've got your spare tire in your trunk ready for just this situation, but now what? Our service professionals at Park Avenue BMW are here to provide more information on how to change your flat tire in a pinch!

10 Steps to Get You Back on the Road

  1. Find a safe spot to pull over. Turn on your hazard lights as well.
  2. Take out your supplies. In order to change the tire, you will need a tire jack, wrench, and of course, the spare tire. If you are unsure if these tools are in your trunk, make sure to do a double-check to keep yourself prepared in the event of an emergency!
  3. Use the wrench to loosen the lug nuts. You may need to remove the hubcap first; in this case, loosen the lug nuts by turning the wrench left.
  4. Use the jack to lift the vehicle. You want the tire to be about six inches off the ground.
  5. Remove the lug nuts and pull the tire off the car. Keep the lug nuts safe and secure, and pull the tire straight toward yourself to remove it from the base
  6. Place the spare on the car. Line up the lug nut posts with the holes in the spare and push the spare all the way onto the wheelbase until it cannot go any further.
  7. Replace the lug nuts. They should be just tight enough for the spare to stay attached to the car comfortably.
  8. Lower the car back to the ground and remove the jack.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts. Make sure that they are fastened as tight as possible. 
  10. Return your supplies to the trunk. You will want to stow the flat in there as well. 

Schedule Service at Park Avenue BMW Near Hackensack

If you run into complications changing your tire or find that your BMW needs professional attention, don't hesitate to schedule service at our dealership near Hackensack.

Our service experts can assist you with any maintenance needs and use genuine BMW parts to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Additionally, when you bring your car in for routine service, we'll take a look at your tires to make sure they're in top condition as well. 

If you need help or more information about your tires, contact us today!

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