If you're interested in saving a little gas money as well as preserving your fuel while you drive, you're interested in the many new BMW models at our Maywood area dealership that offer the auto start/stop function. When driving, you may run into frequent red stop lights or even find yourself in traffic. You don't need your engine while stopped, and the auto start/stop function allows you to keep from wasting that energy.

Maywood Area Drivers Save Energy with the Auto Stop/Start Function

BMW Auto Start/Stop Function

As its name suggests, the auto start/stop function shuts off the engine instead of allowing it to idle. When you're ready to move again, the engine rapidly restarts and you can be on your way in no time. If you often find yourself hitting red lights or caught in rush hour traffic, you'll be reducing emissions as well as saving fuel since your car won't be idling for extended periods. The engine only stops when it is reasonable, so you can keep moving after brief stops. We at Park Ave BMW are thrilled with this environmentally-and-wallet-friendly function!

The auto start/stop function works like this: if you have an automatic transmission, your engine will shut off when you hold the brake after coming to a complete stop. When you lift your foot off the brake or turn the steering wheel, your engine will restart and bring you up to speed almost immediately. If you have a manual transmission, your engine will turn off when you shift into neutral and release the clutch while pushing the clutch pedal restarts it. You can turn off this function by pressing the auto start/stop function button near the gearshift.

If you're interested in a BMW model with the auto start/stop function or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at our Maywood area dealership today.

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