BMW Assist Overview

Our BMW dealership is here to help Paramus area drivers understand how to use BMW Assist. BMW Connected Drive offers a suite of safety systems and infotainment services that make it easier for you to navigate the roads. This device integrates the driver, the vehicle, and the current driving environment. Some of these additions will allow you to track where your vehicle is at all times, use your phone safely while driving, and your BMW will recapture your attention if it senses your focus has shifted.

Maintaining Safety of Paramus Area Shoppers With BMW Assist

The benefit of this BMW Assist Safety Plan is that it's included at no cost for four years from your BMW's in-service date. That's because at Park Ave BMW, the satisfaction and safety of our customers is extremely important. Whether you buy your car from us or another dealership, our BMW staff will gladly show you the proper way to use the system if you are still unsure. Otherwise, there are directions inside your owner's manual.

For any inquiries, please contact us at (201) 843-4999.