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If you recently purchased a new BMW model and are eager to learn how to utilize all of its features, you’ve come to the right place! One of the most highly coveted features nowadays is a hands-free liftgate and if your BMW is equipped with one, our Park Ave BMW dealer serving the Paramus area is here to explain exactly how to use it. 

Easily Access Your Storage Compartment

Most brands equip their vehicles with a press to open liftgate feature but if your new BMW model came with the automatic tailgate technology, you’ll be able to access your storage compartment without even lifting a finger! With the Comfort Access system featured in the latest BMW models, simply wave your foot in front of the intelligently-placed liftgate sensors underneath the rear bumper and your trunk will open automatically without any contact whatsoever. 

Technology That You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re somebody who is constantly busy transporting items and baggage around the Paramus area, you’ll absolutely love this feature. Whether you’re loading your vehicle full of groceries at the local supermarket or getting picked up at the airport and need to stow your luggage away in the trunk, the hands-free feature offered by select BMW models will allow you to do so in a blink. 

Activating Your Hands-Free Tailgate In Paramus 

To initiate the hands-free liftgate feature, you’ll want to begin by carrying the remote with you when you go to open the trunk. The next steps are simple: 

  • In the Control Display on your BMW infotainment screen, manually adjust the tailgate opening height to your desired level. From there, you can also easily turn off the hands-free liftgate feature if you elect not to use it. 
  • Once you’ve set your vehicle’s sensors to your desired height and whether you’ve got your hands full or not, simply wave your foot under the rear bumper of your BMW. 
  • The tailgate will then automatically swing open and you’ll be ready to load up your baggage. 

If you have any further questions regarding the hands-free tailgate operation offered by your vehicle or are interested in getting behind-the-wheel of a new BMW model, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Park Ave BMW in the Paramus area today!


New BMW Inventory

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