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The time has come for your BMW lease to end. You've shared many memories with your BMW over these last few years, from the second you first took the key and drove off our lot up to the moment you've got to hand it back in.

But don't worry: The end of your lease doesn't have to be the end of BMW journey, or even your time with your specific BMW. But before we get to that, let's get through some lease return basics.

Returning Your BMW Lease

You'll want to check a few things before turning your car back in at Park Avenue BMW. Before your return date, you'll receive a package in the mail from BMW with a guide and tools to use.

Exterior damage: You'll want to make sure the exterior is in good shape before you bring the car back. Your return package will include a "Ding-o-Meter" to check for dents, scratches, dings, holes, or paint chips in the body. Dents, dings, or scratches smaller than 2" result in no additional charges, and those between 2" and 4" are considered "small dings" which result in appropriate fees.

Mechanical and tires: You'll want to also make sure the car is running correctly, all recommended service was completed on time, and the tires are still in good shape. The Ding-o-Meter also has a measurement tool to make sure your tire has at least ?" of tread.

Before you return your lease, you'll have the opportunity to schedule an inspection appointment to go over any potential damages. That way you can decide whether to have those issues independently fixed or whether you'll accept the fees upon return.

BMW Lease End Options

When the lease is up, you'll have the option to purchase your car at its remaining value, begin another lease, purchase a BMW, or move on to another vehicle. If you really loved the car you were leasing, purchasing is a solid choice, and it may help you avoid some of the wear-and-tear penalties.

Another BMW purchase or lease can also be smart, because it will allow you to waive the disposition fee traditionally charged on lease return.

To eye up your next BMW, check out our great selection of new BMW vehicles near Fort Lee. And if you have any additional questions about the lease return process, don't hesitate to ask our Lease Portfolio Specialist either online or by phone today.

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