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For many, squeezing into a tight parallel parking spot can be challenging. BMW addresses this issue via its Parking Assist feature, which alleviates anxiety associated with maneuvering your vehicle into a parking space, whether it be parallel or perpendicular. 

Using ultrasound and camera sensor data, your BMW can execute the parking process and send audio alerts to let you know if there is danger of parking damage. The rear camera feature gives you a look behind your vehicle, providing guiding lines for parking and eliminating potential blind spots. The latest BMW models are equipped with a fully automated option that takes over steering to fit your car into or out of any parking spot.

Your self-parking BMW provides inherent benefits, removing the challenge of parallel parking through innovative technology integration and decreasing the risk of exterior damage. Learn more about the advantages of this feature, as well as how to use it, from our Maywood area BMW dealer. 

How Do I Use My Parking Assist Feature?

There is a reason your BMW is known as The Ultimate Driving Machine®. BMW not only provides the latest technology, but they also make it easy and intuitive to use. To activate Parking Assist with linear guidance, follow these easy steps and let your BMW take it from there. 

  • Activate the system by pressing the park assist button on the center console and selecting the reverse gear. 
  • When the available parking spots appear on the screen, select your desired space. 

It is important to note that some systems require the park assist button to be held down throughout the entirety of the parking process. You can also interrupt the automation via braking or steering at any time. 

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For more information on how to use Parking Assist or other technology your BMW comes equipped with, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

New BMW Inventory
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