Signs your BMW starter is going

If your engine isn’t starting up, you may be attributing the difficulty to a multitude of issues. What you might not initially consider, however, is a problem with the starter in your BMW. 

The starter is a small motor that receives power from your vehicle’s battery to start up the engine, and when it’s not working, you won’t be able to get where you need to go. Your starter can be affected by different issues such as dirty connections, battery corrosion, damage or worn parts in the starter system, oil leaks, and/or loose wiring to and from the starter itself. You may not be able to detect these issues when they happen, so pay attention to the telltale signs compiled by our Hackensack area BMW dealer. 

Signs Your Starter is On Its Way Out

Your engine isn’t revving up even after a jumpstart

If your car doesn’t get going after you’ve had a jumpstart, make sure to call for a tow and have your BMW inspected at our Hackensack area service center

Your lights turn on but the engine doesn’t 

If you turn the keys in the ignition and see your dash light up but get nothing from the engine itself, this could indicate a starter malfunction. 

Seeing smoke

Because your starter is connected to the electrical system in your BMW, it can become overheated thanks to blown fuses or short circuits. Rather than repeatedly trying to start up your engine, in the event of smoke, make sure to seek a professional immediately. 

Something clicks or clanks

If you turn the key in your ignition or push to start and something sounds wrong (thinking clicking or grinding), this can be a surefire sign the starter is near its untimely end.

You have an oil-soaked starter

If you lift the hood and notice that your starter (most often located on the driver’s side of the motor) is soaked in oil, it could be indicative of a leak. Leave this kind of issue to the professionals at Park Avenue BMW and we will help you fix and prevent this type of issue in the future. 

Get Your Starter in Working Order at Our Hackensack Area BMW Dealer

Whether you are certain something has tripped your starter or you are unsure of what exactly is preventing your vehicle from starting up, the certified technicians at Park Avenue BMW can help. We make it easy to schedule service online, and if you are in a pinch, be sure to take advantage of our 24-hour BMW Roadside Assistance and towing service! 

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