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When you turn on your BMW every day, our team at Park Avenue BMW understands it is sometimes easy to slip into imperfect driving habits. Driving a little too fast or forgetting to switch on a turn signal can be dangerous for yourself and other drivers, but there are also certain tendencies that can be a danger to your vehicle’s health. Take a look at some of the habits to avoid and keep your car running safely and smoothly on Fort Lee area roads. 

Drop These Bad Driving Habits 

  • Speeding over potholes and speed bumps — Going quickly over potholes and speed bumps may not feel detrimental in the moment, but in reality, speeding over these ruts in and obstacles in the road can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s suspension, steering, and alignment. The best method to prevent negative repercussions is to avoid potholes altogether or slow down if you can’t find a way around. Speed bumps are in place for a reason; take a second to decelerate when going over, also decreasing the potential for damage to your bumper or undercarriage.
  • Not Using Your Parking Brake — You may be in the habit of engaging your parking brake only during instances where you are parked on certain terrain. According to experts, however, your parking brake should be used every time that you park in order to take excess stress off of your transmission and other components of your BMW. The parking brake is the only part designed to lock your wheels in place, so make use of it!
  • Riding the Brakes — Keeping your foot on the brake pedal for longer than necessary can lead to overheating and brake damage. Avoid this when in traffic by keeping more distance between cars, slowing down, or switching to a lower engine gear in the event you drive manual. 
  • Leaving Your Gas Tank Almost Empty — Pushing your car to the brink of an empty gas tank can lead to overheating, as gasoline acts as a coolant for your fuel system. The amount of gas you use depends on your driving conditions, so it is good practice to keep at least a quarter tank at all times to keep your BMW operating smoothly. 
  • Ignoring Dashboard Lights — If you see an icon illuminate on your dash, it’s important to investigate why it lit up. Ignoring these lights or willing them to go away will not solve the problem, and it can actually lead to more serious damage and expensive repairs the longer that dash is aglow. 
  • Not stopping when shifting from reverse to drive — Your car’s transmission is not equipped to stop your BMW when shifting between gears, relying on the brakes to complete that aspect of the job. Make sure that you are hitting the brakes, even when you’re in a rush, as failing to do so can lead to costly damage to your transmission. 

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If you have fallen into any of these bad habits and experienced damage as a result, don’t hesitate to schedule service at Park Avenue BMW. Our trained professionals can diagnose any issue your BMW may be experiencing, getting you back on the road in no time — hopefully with newly-broken habits. 

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