Cars are getting smarter every year, and all that technology isn’t just there to keep your entertained or help you navigate. There are now countless high-tech safety functions that are making the roadways less and less dangerous, and new BMW vehicles let you harness a number of them with the press of a single button.

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The BMW Intelligent Safety Button allows you to activate, deactivate, and customize the Frontal Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Side Collision Warnings, and Blind Spot Detection functions. Press the button to view all the safety settings on the screen. 

In the menu, you’ll be able to toggle the different warning systems and select the delay time--or, basically, how far in advance of a potential obstacle your BMW will warn you. You have three different delay settings. You’ll also be able to select or deselect whether the Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection systems will be able to trigger automatic steering intervention. If you deselect them, your car will warn you that you’re drifting lanes, but you’ll have to correct your course manually.

When the circle around the car icon on the Intelligent Safety Button is lit up green, it means that all of the available safety functions are on. An orange indicator light means at least one of the safety functions is engaged using your custom settings. If you want to turn them off entirely, press and hold the button, and the circle around the icon will no longer be illuminated. All systems will be on by default each time you start the car.

Pretty intuitive, isn’t it? That’s how BMW is bringing the future to you. And Park Avenue BMW is bringing you all those great features and models to Fort Lee with our huge inventory of new BMW vehicles. Pay us a visit today!

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