BMW offers only the best of everything. There’s a reason why the brand has the esteem and reputation it has earned over so many years, and a lot of it has to do with doing things differently. One thing that’s different about BMW, and that you might not often think about, is that BMW tires are filled with nitrogen rather than plain-old air. 

It’s well known that outside temperature changes can cause tire pressure to fluctuate on most cars. That’s often due to the humidity both in and outside of the tire, since there’s water present in air. Pure nitrogen doesn’t contain any water, making it more stable. Your BMW’s nitrogen-filled tires will better maintain consistent tire pressure year-round, which can lead to better handling, longer tire life, and even better gas mileage. 

Not to mention, humidity is the bane of vehicular existence: It can cause corrosion and rust. Having no humidity inside your BMW’s tires means that its wheels are better-shielded from corrosion than other vehicles. 

BMW Tire Service Near Fort Lee

Of course, there’s no substitute for good tire maintenance. Even if your car is riding on feet full of nitrogen, it’s still important to frequently check your car’s tire pressure to make sure each wheel is keeping to an even PSI, as recommended in your owner’s manual. If one or two are lagging, it’s quite alright to top off your nitrogen-filled tires with a little bit of standard air until you can get to our Fort Lee area BMW dealer and service center for a proper nitrogen refill. 

And if you need a new set of tires, or any other replacement parts or vehicle repairs, don’t hesitate to schedule BMW service with us soon!

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