BMW key fob not working

There’s nothing like the convenience of push-button start: You hop in your car, press a button, and hit the road. 

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But that’s dependant on your BMW key fob, which is powered by a battery. The key fob needs to be near the car’s internal sensors for the start button to work, and if its battery is low those sensors understandably won’t be able to find it. That doesn’t mean your car won’t go, however.

How to Start BMW When Fob Battery is Low

To start your BMW when the key fob battery is low, take a look at the steering column. On there, there’s a painted pictogram of a car key with arrows to indicate where to place the fob. Even with a dead battery, the car will still start if you press the fob against the steering column in this location. 

Before you have to use this method, however, your vehicle will warn you. As the battery level begins to get low, you’ll get a notification on your BMW’s iDrive display screen to let you know that the battery will need to be replaced soon.

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