flooded car 

With changes in weather it’s important to prepare your vehicle for whatever you may encounter while driving. Your safety and your enjoyable driving experience depend on your preparedness for inclement weather, so you’ll want to know exactly what you need in cases of storms. While storms like hurricanes may seem like something you only need to prepare your house for, your vehicle also requires attention to ensure a safe on-the-road experience for every driver. In the event of a hurricane, our North Jersey BMW dealer wants you to be protected, so we have tips for how to prepare your vehicle.

Fill Your Gas Tank

Before the storm hits, it’s a very good idea to fill your gas tank. If you lose power for a few days, it may be essential to drive to different shelters or food places to obtain services. These places could be far depending on how many others also need the same services, so you’ll need to be able to get from place to place.

Install New Windshield Wipers

When driving around North Jersey in your BMW during a hurricane, you’ll definitely want new and efficient windshield wipers that can effectively clear your windshield from rain. 

Store Emergency Supplies in Your BMW Near North Jersey

When preparing for a hurricane, remember to store emergency supplies in your vehicle’s trunk. This could include first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, and prescription medications. Also place your auto and home insurance documents, vehicle registration, title, and other important documents in a waterproof bag and keep them with you.

Park Your BMW Safely

Preparedness also involves storing your car in a safe place. You should shelter it from high winds and water, like in a garage. 

Know How to Escape Emergency Situations

If you can’t restart your car and you become trapped in rising water, immediately abandon it for higher ground. If you’re unable to get out safely, call 911 or get help from a passerby or someone standing on higher ground.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of both your house and your car in case you need to prove damage.

For more tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, contact us at Park Ave BMW at 201-587-9001.

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