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The spring season brings a bountiful amount of joy such as blooming flowers, chirping birds, buzzing bees, and warm rays. However, there is one culprit of spring that no one enjoys and that is pollen. Not only does it tickle our noses causing us to sneeze endlessly, but it also turns our non-yellow
BMW vehicles near Maywood into yellow-speckled, dirty-looking cars.

Even though pollen does make our beautifully clean vehicles look unattractive, pollen laying on top of it is not that bad or damaging to the exterior. It is actually how you decide to remove it that could become a problem. One single grain of pollen has the ability to cling to various pores of your vehicle’s paint. Once it is there, the acidity of the grain can cause damage.

Due to its prong-shaped body and acidity, you want to avoid the most popular techniques to get pollen off of your vehicle, which are “the wipe" and "the rinse”. Using the wipe technique may seem alright at first, but the amount of pressure that you are adding to the pollen grain against your dry exterior can cause light scratches and viral streaks across your paint job.

Maywood Area Customers Will Learn That Just Rinsing Their Car Is Not the Best Way to Remove Pollen 

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Another popular technique is rinsing the vehicle off with water. While doing this will remove most of the pollen, the water you use will activate the remaining pollen's acidity; which over time can cause damage to the exterior portion of your vehicle.

The proper way to get rid of pollen is with a decent wash with soapy water, gentle agitation, and a hand-dry. If washing the car is not your thing, our BMW deals near Maywood includes a full detail service, which provides a car wash plus all the fixings! How it works is the soap will encase the pollen and loosen its grip on the paint, while the light agitation will move it out of the pores. Once the hand-dry is complete, your vehicle will be a shiny, scratch free, and pollen-free vehicle once again!   

Overall, spring is a wonderful season. Once you get the pollen off of your vehicle, you can actually cruise around and enjoy it! For more information regarding the effects of pollen on your vehicle and how to properly get rid of it, contact us or give us a call at (201) 587-9001 today!

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