BMW 3 Series: The Perfect Mobile Office for Maywood Area BMW Shoppers

BMW 3 Series available near Maywood

2017 BMW 3 Series sits at the top of the list for Maywood area BMW shoppers who are searching for a compact luxury sport sedan. Even though this model runs in a very crowded division, it takes first place with its smooth, powerful engine and refined interior. As the best selling vehicle in its class, there is a multitude of reasons that make this vehicle the right choice.  

As a true all-arounder in sports wagon or sedan styles, the BMW 3 Series has the perfect combination of excellent features. Its sporty look is surprisingly roomy and non-confining like average sport models. Along with the spacious interior is upscale refinement like no other, with leather seats and customizable steering wheel options made distinctly for the driver. To top this vehicle off, the leading technology is what makes it smart. Profound innovations such as the the Head-Up display and iDrive allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road while naturally controlling popular functions and apps. If you tend to use your BMW as more of a mobile office than an actual vehicle, then this model was made for you.  

Let’s Take A Look At The 2018 BMW 3 Series That Is Light In Weight and Heavy in Technology

2017 BMW 5 Series available near Maywood

The 2018 BMW 3 Series has been spotted in its pre-production phase and by the looks of it under its zebra-striped disguise, it hold imprints from the
BMW 5 Series near Maywood. Known as the G20 in this stage of testing, the 2018 3 Series is expected to be light in weight, but heavy in technology. Due to these advancements, this high-class vehicle could be turned into a mobile office.  

By looking at this new gem from the outside, the similar “gill-like” vents placed behind the front wheel will allow to smooth the vehicle’s progress as it moves, and should be the distinguishing factor from its predecessor. Due to the carbon-fibre used throughout the vehicle, it will be about 100kg lighter than before. This strong, yet lightweight material is commonly used to improve efficiency, while increasing strength and lowering weight. However, only time will tell what will become of the 2018 BMW 3 Series!

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