BMW pulls the wraps off the M3 DTM Concept Car

The Germans from BMW decided to reveal the M3 DTM Concept Car, a vehicle which will run at the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters competition. We talked several times about BMW’s decision to return the DTM series, the Germans leaving this competition in 1994. Only few hours ago, Audi released some renderings for the A5 Coupe DTM [...]
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What would a BMW X5 pickup look like?

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bmw x5 pickup truck

There are no pickup trucks in the BMW lineup, save for one very special M3. But, dare we ask, what would a real Bimmer truck look like? Automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin was curious, so he put fired up his favorite photo editing software and created the beast you see here. Behold, the X5 GranLastwagen.

According to Google Translate, "lastwagen" is German for "truck," and we assume the "Gran" was added simply because it's, well, grand. That, or because it still retains the X5's luxurious five-passenger interior. Want to take in this curious creation…
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BMW's Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol


Park Ave BMW in Maywood NJ is excited to see that BMW will join Mission Impossible "Ghost Protocol" in Hollywood California.  BMW will use the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car in this exciting  sequel.

High performance with fewer emissions is the name of the game: One of the BMW vehicles provided for Tom Cruise´s next film is the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car. It has been recognized as having the most sophisticated technology and the…

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